Array of Swords
Array of Swords

Polished Blade
Polished Blade

Brass Handled Sword
Brass Handled Sword

Array of Swords
Array of Swords



Our swords are custom forged with metals that you,
desire.. If metals are not specified, we pride
ourselves by using top quality steel that will
last for many generations.

Steel is forged in a pit of charcoal briquettes with air
supplied directionally by the forger. This technique
ensures that the temperature is evenly applied
giving strength and flexibility to the blade.

Should we have a blade that does not meet our high
standards it will be discarded and a new one forged
in its place. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.

Period swords depending on which part of history
and sword you request will take more time
especially if dimensions are complex.

Once again your satisfaction is always
first. We will keep you informed with progress
and a time frame.

~ Personal jewels, jewelry, heirlooms,
animal bone or antlers may be incorporated
in your sword for
sentiment or decoration.